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This site is currently under construction, which explains why some
pages are missing or on work. Therefore i invite you to come back regularly to consult the last up-dates.
  English translation will come slowly, page after page :-)

Have a nice consultation !

Dear visitor, member or future member,

Welcome on this site which is dedicated mainly to the diffusion of AYURVEDA, the " Science of Life ", of which the goal is to help the human being to find Well-Being and especially to PRESERVE IT.

Ayurveda proposes an alternative medicine, natural
and respectful of the body and nature.

Ayurvedic medicine uses mainly plants, herbs, fruits, barks of trees and minerals to help the people suffering of diseases to find health.

Its use in the United States and in Germany, since already a score of years, is without common measurement with that of France, so to speak non-existent.

This is why we decided to create an Association with an aim
to diffuse this Knowledge, source of HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING,
in the language of " Molière " and by all the means.

Fortunately for us, the modern life does not have only disadvantages !

is an extraordinary tool for diffusion of information and UNIQUE in the history of humanity who must allow each individual to exchange and share all kinds of knowledge with an aim of improving his condition in order to reach and preserve his WELL-BEING.

Ayurvedic medicine is the Mother of all holistic medicines because without any doubt it is the oldest (more than 7000 years).

Ayurveda is interested in the person as a whole (physical, mental and spiritual) by taking into account also her environment and her life style in order to prescribe the
most suitable treatment.

Contrary to very widespread allopathic medicine under our European latitudes, ayurvedic medicine do not treat the symptoms  but only the patient .

For two people expressing of the similar symptoms (for example influenza) the treatments can be very different !

Ayurvedic medicine do not look after the disease but it looks after the patient which is definitely more intelligent. It is also much less harmful and definitely more durable .

Ayurvedic medicine attempt to determine the causes of the disease and eliminates them by restoring the balance disturbed in the physiological and/or psychological constitution of the individuals.

In other words it restores the immune potential of the person and the disease disappears.

Another ENORMOUS ADVANTAGE of ayurvedic medicine, its treatments are without side effects
and without complications after treatment.

Although not refounded by the French social security, you will not ruin yourselves with ayurvedic medicine because it is rather cheap . But you know what one says: health does not have a price !

Ayurveda is unanimously regarded as the method of care
the least dangerous and the least expensive.

You will find in La BOUTIQUE some selected ayurvedic products and some other products of quality such as : incense, spices, spiruline and beauty products and cosmetics, at the best prices.
Our will is to offer you a choice of the best organical products available on the market.

The aim of this web site is to present the guiding principles of AYURVEDA in the clearest possible manner without returning too much in the details but sufficiently however to allow you to apprehend the philosophy and the intelligence of this SINGLE method of care .

You thus will be able to determine yourself your type of morpho-psychological constitution and to learn:

- which are the food which are appropriate to you and those which it is to better avoid to remain in good health.
- which are the diseases to which you are most sensitive (for better protecting you).
- to what your symptoms in ayurvedic medicine correspond.
- which are the remedies which are appropriate to you.
- which are the exercises which are particularly beneficial for you.

and also:

- which are the methods of diagnosis and existing treatments
- which are the food not to be associated, whatever your type of constitution.
- spices and plants , their therapeutic properties and their uses.
- some recipes of kitchen as well as councils to better live.

For those who wish in knowing more, you will also find a mailing list of Web sites as well as a list of books that you will be able to order in  La BOUTIQUE and elsewhere.

The majority of the books concerning Ayurveda are in Sanskrit, Hindustani, Indian dialect or in English but there are fortunately some books of quality available in French.

Our goal is not nor 
to substitute , nor to help you to substitute with your attending practitionar.

Our goal is to help you on the one hand to reinforce your immune system
and in addition to eliminate your bad habits, so as to not have more
need to consult a doctor
while remaining quite simply in GOOD HEALTH!

We are all entitled to HAPPINESS and without health there cannot be true WELL-BEING !

Yours, sincerely devoted!


CAUTION :     If you express symptoms persistent or serious, consult a doctor.
                       This one will be certainly more able than you to establish a front reliable diagnosis before
                       advising you in the choice of a treatment

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